Michael Barrett OCIS Keynote Speaker

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Dear OCIS Community,
On behalf of the OCIS exec committee, I am delighted to inform you that Michael Barrett (Cambridge University, UK) has kindly accepted the invitation to be the OCIS keynote speaker. The talk will tale place on Monday, Aug. 8 at 4.45pm – location TBD.

We will soon share details of the presentation.

Escher, Algorithms and Decisions made behind Closed Servers

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By Diego Mastroianni and Claire Ingram, OCIS Student Representatives
Monday might not be a very popular day during the whole year, but at the Academy it must be one of the most popular ones. For OCIS, it is a packed day full of interesting presentations, which often finishes with a triple event involving a brilliant keynote, followed by the division business meeting and the official reception. And this year in Vancouver it was no different. More than presenting a single paper or research in progress, keynotes provide speakers an opportunity to make connections across different stages in their career and synthesize years of research in a little more than one hour.

The guest speaker for 2015 in Vancouver was Prof. Wanda Orlikowski (MIT) who needs no introduction. The title of her talk – “Performing Research, Researching Performativity” – might be economic in words, but as one could expect from Prof. Orlikowski, deep in content (and even a little humorous).

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OCIS 2015 Keynote Address

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Prof. Wanda Orlikowski This is just a reminder that the OCIS Division keynote address (Sponsored by the iSchool at Syracuse University) will be given by Prof. Wanda Orlikowski (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) at 4:45PM in Vancouver Convention Center room 220, 221, 222. This will be followed by the OCIS Division business meeting and the OCIS reception. We look forward to seeing you all there!

OCIS 2015 Keynote Address, Networking, and Reception

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  • OCIS doctoral consortium reception and member networking [Time and location: Saturday 6 – 7:30PM Vancouver Convention Center 208; #AOM2015 493]
  • OCIS division keynote presentation by Wanda Orlikowski [Time and location: Monday 4:45 – 6:15PM Vancouver Convention Center 220, 221, 222; #AOM2015 1483]
  • OCIS reception and social event [Time and location: Monday 7:30 – 9:30PM Vancouver Convention Center 220, 221, 222; #AOM2015 1546]


See these “Best Paper” Finalists at Academy of Management OCIS 2015

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  • Information technology and innovation outputs: The missing link of search evolution by John Qi Dong, Prasanna Karharde, Arun Rai, and Sean Xin Xu [Session time and location: Monday 8 – 9:30AM Vancouver Convention Center 206; Tweet about this session using #AOM2015 923]
  • Towards an open source software development lifecycle by Aron Lindberg, Nicholas Berente, and Kalle Lyytinen[Session time: Monday 11:30AM – 1PM Vancouver Convention Center 209; Tweet about this session using #AOM2015 1130]


  • Interplay between social structure and knowledge reuse in open innovation communities by Mahmood Shafeie Zargar and Corey Phelps [Session time and location: Monday 1:15 – 2:45PM Vancouver Convention Center 206; Tweet about this session using #AOM2015 1249]
  • Drivers and effects of the utilization of supply chain technology by Zhongzhi Liu, Daniel Prajogo and Adegoke Oke [Session time and location: Tuesday 3 – 4:30PM Vancouver Convention Center 206; Tweet about this session using #AOM2015 2116]