Meet an IS Scholar: Interview with Sirkka Jarvenpaa

2019 - 03 - 19
It is our pleasure to introduce a new OCIS Video Series titled "Meet an IS Scholar." As part of this video series, we will feature senior scholars who are willing to share their wealth of experience with the OCIS research community in an informal and engaging way. These videos are meant to inspire OCIS members and reinforce a sense of community.

While we produce these videos with the OCIS student community in mind, we hope that they will appeal to a broader audience. Our inaugural video in this series features an interview with Sirkka Jarvenpaa, Professor at The University of Texas at Austin, at the 2018 Meeting of the Academy of Management in Chicago, IL. The interview consists of two parts:
  1. In the first part (8m39s), Sirkka shares some interesting anecdotes from her career in IS, her perspective on the state of IS research, and her thoughts on where the field might be going.
  2. In the second part (6m50s), Sirkka provides advice on how to successfully complete a Ph.D. and enter the job market, along with other career-related thoughts.

These videos were produced by Jean-Charles Pillet (Grenoble Ecole de Management) and Maheshwar Boodraj (Georgia State University), OCIS Student Representatives-at-Large, as part of the OCIS Video Series