PDW What’s New About Digital Transformation? Exploring Interdisciplinary, Multi-Level Research Ideas

When:  Aug 8, 2020 from 12:15 PM to 2:15 PM (ET)
What’s New About Digital Transformation? Exploring Interdisciplinary, Multi-Level Research Ideas

There are many voices now that pinpoint at the need for a digital transformation in the light of the dramatic impact of advanced ICT on national economies, business models, companies of all kinds and work in general. However, there are surprisingly few academic studies on this topic in the field of economics and management.
Building upon the positive experience of a PDW entitled "Leadership Qualities for Digital Transformation – In Search of a Digital Mindset" which generated a lot of interest at the AOM 2019, we propose to expand the focus this year. The primary goal is to discuss the phenomenon more broadly and systematically, as well as highlight and discuss its many facets and consequences for different economic actors. Although the level of organization is at the center of our discussion and specifically addresses questions of appropriate digitization strategy, organizational readiness, strategic change and organizational structural adjustment, other levels of analysis are also addressed. On the group level, for example, digital transformation may be related to the increased use of virtual teams or to re-engineered workflow systems. At the individual level, among others 'digital' skills and the associated education and learning play a major role. The connecting link is the question of what adaptation and what changes are required by the ongoing digitalization and how these adaptation processes can be efficiently designed. From this, concrete ideas for future research can be derived, which are developed and discussed with the participants.
The virtual format of this session particularly fits the content discussed in this workshop. 

Michael Nippa, Michael.Nippa@unibz.it
Dodo zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, knyphausen@strategie.tu-berlin.de
Sven Kunisch, skunisch@btech.au.dk

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Michael Nippa