OCIS Name Change Proposal

As background, AOM Division names are expected to be a combination of words widely recognized as descriptors for the work we do and the interests of our community.   Our current name was created in the late 1980’s when the existing Organization Communication Division agreed to add Information Systems (a new discipline) to the name and domain.  The business environment and the topics we research have changed significantly since our current division was formed.  There is concern that the OCIS name may no longer be the best nomenclature for the areas of interest to our community.  
A committee was formed in 2015 to give input on the name change.  We would like to get your input on changing the name and on two new names under consideration.



The composition of the 2015 committee follows:


Paul Leonardi (Chair)
Janet Fulk
Ann Majchrzak
Jeremiah Johnson
Brian Butler
Ioana Cristea