Award Winners

#AOM2021 OCIS Award Winners

#AOM2021 OCIS Award Winners were announced during the Annual Business Meeting on August, 2nd

Congratulations go to:

OCIS Lifetime Service Award

Dr. Mary Beth Watson-Manheim, University of Illinois, Chicago

Best Published Paper Award:

Winner - Anastasia Sergeeva, Samer Faraj, & Marleen Huysman: Losing Touch: An Embodiment Perspective on Coordination in Robotic Surgery (Organization Science)

Runner Up 1 - Brent Kitchens, Steven L. Johnson, & Peter Gray: Understanding Echo Chambers and Filter Bubbles: The Impact of Social Media on Diversification and Partisan Shifts in News Consumption (MIS Quarterly)

Runner Up 2 - Paul M. Leonardi & Jeffrey W. Treem: Behavioral Visibility: A New Paradigm for Organization Studies in the Age of Digitization, Digitalization, and Datafication (Organization Studies)


Best Division Paper Award:

Winner - Hillary Abraham, Margaret Jack, Melissa Mazmanian, Charis Asante-Agyei, Ingrid Erickson, Jina Hong: More than Temporal Control: Forms of Agency That Matter to High-Skilled Independent Workers

Runner Up 1 - Emma S. Nordbäck, Niina Nurmi, Jennifer Gibbs, Maggie Boyraz, Minna Logemann: The Vitality Paradox: Rising Tensions between Individual and Team Coping during Forced Virtual Work

Runner Up 2 -Leid Zejnilovic, Susana Lavado, Carlos Soares, Íñigo Martínez De Rituerto De Troya, Andrew Bell, Rayid Ghani: Machine Learning Informed Decision-Making with Interpreted Model’s Outputs: A Field Intervention


OCIS DeSanctis Award & Newman Award Nominee:

Jen Rhymer, Stanford University: Location-Independent Organizations: Designing Collaboration across Space and Time


Dexter Award Nominee:

Jiantao Zhu, Zhao Cai, Fei Liu, Yijing Li, Eric T.K. Lim Chee-wee Tan, Hefu Liu: Unraveling the Effects of Experience-Based Faultlines in E-Sports Teams: An Empirical Analysis


Best Reviewer Awards 2021:

  • Carlotta Cochis, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  • Minjie Gao, Imperial College Business School
  • Laia Pujol Priego, IESE Business School


Outstanding AE Awards 2021:

  • Thomas Mattson, University of Richmond
  • Heinz-Theo Wagner, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences


OCIS Best Student Paper Award:

  • Camille Endacott, UC Santa Barbara (with Paul Leonardi): Identity-Based Motivations for Providing the Unpaid Labor That Makes AI Technologies Work
  • Hengqi Tian, Georgia State University (with Arun Rai and Jing Zhao): How Do Boundary-Shifting Moves in Digital Innovation Shape Competitive Responses



OCIS/CTO Lifetime Achievements

Past awards:

2021: Mary Beth Watson-Manheim
2020: Manju Ahuja
2019: Nosh Contractor
2018: Kevin Crowston. 
2017: Elizabeth Davidson
2016: Marshall Scott Poole
2015: Ann Majchrzak
2014: JoAnne Yates
2013: Carol Saunders
2012: Janet Fulk/Peter Monge
2011: Robert Zmud
2010: Cynthia Beath/Daniel Robey